Is an amazing iPad app that revolutionizes office communication, allowing for quick 2-way communication between an executive and assistant.

“Your boss might just buy you an iPad because of this app!                                                            – Lisa Smith

Office Bleepster (Free) - Peakland Innovation Group, LLC.

Office Bleepster allows for quick 2-way communication between an executive and assistant.

  • Provides fast, safe and secure messaging with your assistant
  • Avoids interruptions
  • Keeps your communications confidential as no Bleeps are ever saved
  • Simple and easy to use!
  • NEW 2.0 FEATURE: Background Notifications!
  • NEW 2.0 FEATURE: Twitter integration (bleep to someone anywhere in the world!)

Office Bleepster features over 20 pre-defined instant message buttons (Bleeps!) that represent a question or response. You can even send Text Bleeps or customize the pre-defined Bleeps with your own unique messages, like “Please get me a coffee!”

Watch this Video!

Here is an example of a typical use:

  • Your assistant clicks the button “Your appointment is here” in Office Bleepster.
  • The message immediately shows up on your iPad.
  • You respond instantly by simply tapping either “Send them in” or “Please have them wait.”

Office Bleepster features over 30 custom “Bleep” sounds that allow you to select a pleasant sound to play whenever you or your assistant receive a “Bleep!”

Here is another great example:

  • You are on the phone with an important client and your assistant sends you a custom text Bleep that reads: “Sam is holding on line 2.”
  • You respond quickly by tapping “Have him hold.”
  • Your assistant quickly confirms your request by tapping “OK.”
  • You are able to finish your initial call without ever having put your important client on hold.

Office Bleeper is easy to use! Simply download Office Bleepster to two iPads, connect them by WiFi or Bluetooth and let the magic begin!


A FREE iad-supported “Office Bleepster” is available in the App Store.

Office Bleepster is a Patent Pending product of Peakland Innovation Group, LLC.

iPhone and other Apps are in development.

We would love to hear from you at



Office Bleepster must be installed on two iPads on the same Bonjour-enabled WiFi network or you can connect via Bluetooth

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Office Bleepster (Free) - Peakland Innovation Group, LLC.

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