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New iPad App Increases

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Meeting with Power Rangers Creator Inspires App Developer to Create

“Office Bleepster”

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINAOfficeBleepster, a newly released iPad App, now makes it possible for business executives to increase effectiveness and productivity while handling interruptions in an efficient and respectable manner.

The inspiration for OfficeBleepster came to developer Paul Brooks from a meeting with Haim Saban, a worldwide pioneer and leader in the entertainment industry and perhaps best known as the creator of Power Rangers.

“During several days in his office, negotiating a deal for a kids’ animated television series, I was amazed at how effectively Haim handled routine phone and office interruptions,” explains Brooks. “He was an orchestra conductor in his office, seamlessly dealing with multiple issues and dynamics at a very high level and that really became the inspiration to develop OfficeBleepster.”

“Behind Haim’s magic was a series of amazing electronic devices on his desk that allowed him to quietly interact with his assistants. If he wanted coffee, it magically appeared! If our meeting was over, an assistant entered the office to explain that Haim was needed in another meeting,” said Brooks.

With the invention of the iPad, Brooks knew he could finally bring together a logical solution in an iPad App that could be made available for everyone to benefit.

OfficeBleepster is a patent-pending iPad App that allows for two-way communication through a Wi-Fi network or through Bluetooth between an executive and his/her assistant.

OfficeBleepster has more than 25 pre-determined instant message buttons that represent a question or a reply. A pleasant bleep (30 custom sounds available) is heard each time the executive or assistant sends or receives a message. Custom bleeps can easily be created by the user.

The assistant pushes one button to message the executive who simply pushes one button to reply. A visitor sitting across a desk seldom if ever notices the exchange. The executive or assistant also can communicate more specifically by sending longer text messages through OfficeBleepster.

In this manner, OfficeBleepster avoids interruptions, provides fast communications, and eliminates wasted time through safe and secure messaging.

“Over the years I tried to duplicate an effective messaging system but became frustrated using email, AIM, Office Communicator, pagers, intercoms and other instant messaging tools. None of these provided the ability to seamlessly handle office intrusions without the visitor or person on the phone being part of the exchange with my assistant,” says Brooks, CEO of Peakland Innovation Group of Charlotte, NC.

OfficeBleepster is available FREE as an Apple iAd supported application or $19.95 for OfficeBleepster without any advertising.

“My assistant loves OfficeBleepster because it is very effective, we no longer need to shout back and forth across the office and she got a free iPad because of this app,” adds Brooks. “OfficeBleepster increased my productivity, effectiveness, and allows me to respond to interruptions without losing my train of thought or offending someone.”

Peakland Innovations is also developing an OfficeBleepster version for Android tablets and Blackberry PlayBook.


About OfficeBleepster
OfficeBleepster is an iPad application that allows for 2-way communication between “an executive” and his or her assistant. The app connects two iPads on a Wi-Fi network so the iPads may communicate with each other. Each pair of users includes one “executive” and “assistant” each with a screen that is relevant to their role. Bluetooth functionality provides a solution if a user’s corporate network settings block a Wi-Fi connection. Typically, the assistant and executive sit within Bluetooth range. OfficeBleepster was developed by Peakland Innovation Group of Charlotte, NC,  The app is being promoted by Westwind iPhone App Publicity.


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